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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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What’s important to our commercial carpet cleaning customers is that we get the job done well, quickly, and at a fair price. Often times we clean during business hours, but we’re also available after hours. Our commercial carpet cleaning process deodorizes, sanitizes, and deep cleans even the heaviest of traffic areas.

There are really only two ways to clean commercial carpet: steam cleaning and encapsulation cleaning. We have both. The encapsulation cleaning method, which is the most effective way to clean commercial carpets with zero downtime, is a “very low moisture” (VLM) system and recent breakthrough in cleaning technology. A pre-conditioner is applied, which is a detergent that breaks the binding of soils to the carpet over a short period of time. Then with a bonnet machine, which resembles a floor buffer, agitates the grease and dirt with a specially designed counter-rotating brush that soaks up the dirt and grease like tiny sponges.

What is Commercial Carpet?

-We consider any carpet in a common public area or workspace to be commercial carpet.

  • Condo building hallways
  • Office buildings
  • Retirement homes
  • Schools


We base our pricing on square footage and how dirty the carpet is. Quotes are done in person anywhere from Miami to West Palm. Call today to schedule an appointment (954) 984 – 5850

How long does it take?

We use the fastest and most effective commercial carpet cleaning method so you can remain open without disturbing your employees or customers.

Dry times:

How fast the carpet dries depends on which cleaning system you want to go with. Steam cleaning can take a few hours to dry, but with our encapsulation cleaning the carpet is only slightly damp right after passing over it with the machine, and then it’s fully dry shortly after.

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