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Carpet Cleaning

The Drysteam carpet cleaning method is superior to traditional steam cleaning. The carpet ends up cleaner and dries faster because the equipment is stronger.

  • Before carpet cleaning with any method, the high traffic areas should be pre-treated with a conditioner, and any stains should be sprayed with an enzyme to break up the grease and grime.
  • If the equipment isn’t strong enough, traditional steam cleaning is just hot water. For a carpet cleaning to be considered ‘Drysteam’, it must reach a certain temperature.
  • Steam cleaning is notorious for spots returning days later, most often because the water pushes the dirt deep into the carpet and the extraction isn’t strong enough to get the dirty water out. So it wicks back up over a day or two. This doesn’t happen with Drysteam, simply because our equipment produces true steam and extracts far more moisture from the carpet.

Since all carpet starts out as colorless yarn, the color eventually begins to fade after years of use. Spills, pets, and accidents can leave spots and stains if not treated correctly. Dirt from shoes can get deep into the fibers of the carpet that even some of the strongest vacuums will miss. Even grease from feet, either human or animal, can dirty a carpet over time. When one or more of these factors come together, you’ve got dirty carpet and you’re going to need to clean it.

Carpet cleaning is important because it’s something you use everyday. Your carpet affects the air quality, the bacteria count, and largely contributes to odor control. Carpet cleaning should be done at least every six months, on top of regular vacuuming. This helps prolong the life of the carpet.

There are a number of carpet cleaning methods. There’s also a large selection of canned solutions for sale at your local supermarket. The desired carpet cleaning is one that kills germs, extracts dirt, and visibly brightens. If a home remedy involves soap, or a mix of chemicals, but no extraction. Where does the dirt go? Store-bought steam cleaners are a great option, but aren’t nearly powerful enough to disinfect or get up any notable amount of grime. Professional carpet cleaning is the best option. Truck mounted carpet cleaning gets hot enough, and produces steam strong enough, to really clean carpet.

Drysteam uses the best equipment available, with extensive knowledge and experience, to give the absolute best carpet cleaning in South Florida. Most carpets dry in an hour.

  • Move furniture
  • Vacuum
  • Pre-treat
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Dry

We use a truck mounted system, but we also have a portable system for high-rises and condos.