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Hotel Carpet Cleaning

The number one thing we hear from our hotel carpet cleaning customers is that they need to remain open and fully operational with minimal interference in their guest’s stay. Hotels are 24/7 and you can’t clean an occupied room in the middle of the night. Our hotel carpet cleaning process deodorizes, sanitizes, and requires zero downtime. We use an encapsulation cleaning method, which is the most effective way to clean hotel carpets. We find that most hotels clean their carpets every six months, which keeps everything looking nice year round. Our hotel carpet cleaning package includes all of the rooms and hallways, as well as the lobby and common areas.

With the need for rapid dry times when cleaning the carpets in hotel rooms, we have to use what’s called a “very low moisture” (VLM) encapsulation system, which is a recent cleaning technology breakthrough. A pre-conditioner is applied, which is a detergent that breaks the binding of soils to the carpet over a short period of time. Then with a bonnet machine, which resembles a floor buffer, the grease and dirt get released by a specially designed counter-rotating brush that soaks up the dirt and grease like tiny sponges.


We base our pricing on cleaning the entire hotel on a 6-month basis. Quotes are done in person anywhere from West Palm Beach to Miami. Call today to schedule an appointment (954) 984 – 5850

How long does it take?

We use the fastest and most effective hotel carpet cleaning method so you can remain open without disturbing your guests. Typically we can do a six-story, 110 room hotel in two 8 hour days.

Dry times and occupied rooms:

The carpet is only slightly damp right after passing over it with the machine, and then it’s fully dry shortly after. So with a housekeeping attendant, we can be in and out of an occupied room in under 10 minutes and then the carpet is dry just 20 minutes after that.

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