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Mattress Cleaning

The naturally high humidity in Fort Lauderdale makes your mattress a utopia for bacteria, but no matter where you live – your skin cells flake, shed, and fill your mattress. Did you know, on average, a mattress can weigh up to five pounds heavier after ten years without cleaning? Dust mites, and their droppings, along with oil will add up to quite a bit over time. All kinds of microorganisms build a life for themselves in your mattress, the only way to evict them is with a deep mattress cleaning.

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The steps an effective mattress cleaning should encompass:

  • Pre-treating problem areas like stains, or heavily soiled spots. Without using some kind of acidic or alkaline treatment, the stain will stand steady against even the deepest clean. The goal is not to just remove dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria – but also surface stains and unpleasant aesthetics.
  • After the surface has been treated and effectively scrubbed by hand, the cleaning can begin. For mattress cleaning, a powerful truck mounted machine capable of reaching up to two hundred degrees Fahrenheit should be used. Bacteria can withstand degrees up to a hundred and forty, this is why we cook our food. The same logic should be applied to killing bacteria in the fibers of your mattress. Coupled with high heat, a powerful vacuum should also be used with low pressure steam. A professional, truck mounted cleaning machine would suffice for all of these requirements.
  • Once the mattress has been treated and cleaned, the mattress cleaning process should be repeated for any trouble areas. Now, drying is one of the most important steps. If the mattress doesn’t dry completely, it will be more of a haven for bacteria than before. A ceiling fan, floor fan, and central A/C would do wonders. It’s also the professional mattress cleaner’s responsibility to remove as much of the excess moisture as possible through vacuuming.

Mattress cleaning maintenance:

It’s a hard fact to accept, but many people don’t clean their mattress regularly. Whether you do it yourself, or you call a professional mattress cleaning company, it’s something that should be done to maintain the life of your bed. Avoid using any harsh store bought chemicals, as many of them have a small percentage of bleach that can weaken the fabric.

A professional mattress cleaning:

We have the tools and experience necessary to deep clean mattresses of any size, make, or model – including memory foam. Call anytime.