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Tile Cleaning

The Drysteam Method

The difference between mopping/ scrubbing the floor yourself and hiring a professional is clear. Our truck mounted cleaning system reaches upwards of two hundred degrees and a thousand psi to clean the tile and grout beyond thorough.

Ceramic, and all types of tile, are a durable flooring that can stand up to heavy use. After a while of tracking dirt, spilling juice, and having a dog — tile cleaning is necessary. Regardless of how often you mop, you’ll eventually have to look into professional tile cleaning if you want to keep the look and shine of your tile. What you mop with is important. If you’re using something that has a polish in it, you’re going to build up a residue overtime that will be harder to get out when you eventually do hire an expert.

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Mop a few times a week with a neutral floor cleaner that won’t leave anything behind. Most people should get a powerful tile cleaning at least once per year in order to keep a their tile at an optimal level.

The Process:

  • We move any furniture on the tile.
  • Scrub the tile and grout with an alkaline cleaning solution that dissolves grease and grime.
  • Clean the tile with our truck mounted system that blasts away the dirt while simultaneously extracting it.
  • Afterwards, we mop with a neutral floor cleaner to be sure that your tile is clean, dry and ready to use.

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Commercial Tile Cleaning

Fort Lauderdale is packed with restaurants and stores, but any business with tile will eventually need commercial tile and grout cleaning. Mopping, and even industrial floor cleaners can’t compare to a professional’s work. Restaurants, schools, stores, and wherever else with heavy traffic will benefit greatly.

The difference:

  • Businesses see far more people than homes, so commercial tile and grout cleaning must be that much more powerful.
  • Even if a restaurant mops their kitchen every night, after just one year of use it will look overall dirtier. The only way to stay on top of both of the aesthetics, and the sanitation, is to have it professionally cleaned.
  • An acid or an alkaline solution should be scrubbed into the tile and grout. An acid, used as a last resort, cleans by etching the top layer of the grout off, and an alkaline makes the grime soluble by water. A minimum of a thousand psi from a truck mounted cleaning unit at over two hundred degrees should be used to blast the dirt, grime and cleaning solution away while maintaining a powerful enough suction to leave the floor dry shortly after.

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Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

From airports to churches to restaurants, offices and retail establishments, we are the area’s top Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning company. High traffic areas are our specialty.

Nothing tells your customers that you care about their health and comfort more than spotless floors.

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