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Tile Cleaning

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There is such a huge variety of beautiful porcelain and ceramic tile flooring options for your home today. Tile and grout flooring is easy to maintain, it holds up well to wear and tear, and it gives any room a luxurious feel. Mopping with a neutral floor cleaner will help prevent dirt and grease residue that can build up over time on both your tile and grout, but eventually, you’ll need a professional tile cleaning.

The Drysteam tile cleaning method is the best, here’s why.

It’s all about education and ethics. Once you know how to do something the right away, it becomes a matter of character and integrity to actually do it the right way. This is something we pride ourselves on. We’re at the forefront of the tile cleaning industry with the most advanced tile cleaning systems. We’re always learning and improving our processes.

Not all cleaning solutions are created equal and not all companies clean the same way. Some companies use cheaper pretreatment, which doesn’t do as good of a job. What we use is the most effective alkalizing tile cleaning solution available. It’s not all about the bottom dollar to us. We know that our company has been built on word of mouth and five-star reviews. We know that in order to continue to grow we have to maintain those family-owned values and do every job the right way.

Before & After

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The Process:

  • We move any furniture on the tile.
  • Scrub the tile and grout with an alkaline cleaning solution that dissolves grease and grime.
  • Clean the tile with our truck mounted system that blasts away the dirt while simultaneously extracting it.
  • Afterwards, we mop with a neutral floor cleaner to be sure that your tile is clean, dry and ready to use.

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Drysteam Tile Cleaning

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