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How to Clean Your Luxury Vinyl Floor

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP for short) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) have become wonderful options for flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is practical and durable, and it also gives such a luxurious texture and shine to your house. What a wonderful combination for a busy home – a floor that is long-lasting and can handle all your daily activities, and really looks great all the time!

Easy to install, luxury vinyl flooring is also super flexible. It mimics the look of many different types of flooring. The difference between luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile is the shape. LVP is in a plank shape that mimics hardwood flooring. LVT is shaped like tile squares.

That’s just the beginning of what LVP and LVT offer. With different textures and patterns, your luxury vinyl flooring can create the appearance of hardwood, stone, bamboo, ceramic, and many other artistic prints. What a creative way to get the look you want, but much easier to maintain than traditional flooring.

How to Keep Your Luxury Vinyl Floor Looking Great

You’ll discover that your luxury vinyl floor cleans up really well. It’s designed to maintain its good looks for a long time. With regular cleaning and proper care, including manufacturer-approved cleaning techniques, your LVP or LVT floor can maintain its beauty, create a healthy living environment, and enjoy a long life, making your home look great.

Maintaining your LVP or LVT floor starts with keeping dirt from accumulating. As dirt and grime build up, your floor gets scratched and the finish becomes dull. Scuff marks can also mar the surface and grind in dirt. So, it’s important to stay ahead of the dirt.

Fortunately, LVP and LVT flooring is easy to keep clean as you go along. Cleaning your luxury vinyl floor once a week is the best way to maintain it. If you have young children and pets, you may need to clean more than once a week, as needed, to pick up dirt from daily activities.

How to Clean Your Luxury Vinyl Floor

How do you clean your LVT or LVP flooring? Here are some simple steps for your once-a-week cleaning routine:

1. Vacuum first to get rid of the dirt and dust. 

2. Then mop the floor with a neutral-pH floor cleaner. 

3. Rinse out your mop often, so you’re not just swirling dirt and grime around on the floor.

That simple weekly routine will help you maintain the durability and beauty of your LVP or LVT floor. If you have spills or stains in between, be sure to clean those up right away. And then add an annual deep cleaning to get the most life out of your luxury vinyl floor.

Be Careful Not To …

  • As you clean, be careful not to let water accumulate on the floor. If water gets into the seams of the plank or tile, it can make the flooring come loose.
  • Don’t use steamers or water-steaming vacuums. Those can hurt your luxury vinyl floor.
  • No need to wax your luxury vinyl floor. Your LVP and LVT floor comes with a sealant that keeps it shiny.
  • Avoid using a harsh or abrasive cleaner, which can tear up the finish and ruin that beautiful smooth shine.

A Fresh, Clean Start with Annual Deep Cleaning

In addition to weekly routine cleaning, you’ll find that an annual deep cleaning, following the manufacturer-approved technique, is really helpful to maintain the life and shine of your LVP or LVT floor.

Deep cleaning removes every layer of dirt, restores the beautiful appearance of your floor, sanitizes, and doesn’t leave residue that can build up or streak and ruin the finish. 

An annual deep cleaning also gives you a fresh start, so that your weekly cleaning will be easier and more effective.

Deep cleaning includes sanitizing your floor, for the health of your family and your peace of mind.

Benefits of Professional Deep Cleaning

While it’s simple to keep your LVP or LVT floor clean on a weekly basis, an annual professional cleaning gives you the best long-term maintenance for your floor.

A professional cleaning service uses equipment and a deep cleaning process that’s not easily duplicated at home. This includes truck-mounted equipment especially designed for cleaning LVP and LVT flooring the way it’s meant to be maintained.

LVT and LVP flooring requires specific types of cleaning products for the best outcome. Professional cleaning services that specialize in LVT and LVP will use these products and follow the manufacturer-approved cleaning technique.

One of the worst things you can do for your luxury vinyl floor is use the wrong type of products. You will end up with a build-up of residue on the floor that only a professional can get cleaned up. 

But if you start with a professional floor cleaning service, you can then keep your floor looking great, week to week, with that simple cleaning routine. Make sure your cleaning professional uses the best products and techniques designed especially for LVT and LVP flooring.

Professional deep cleaning is recommended annually for luxury vinyl floors. With young children or pets, you may need more frequent deep cleaning. If you experience huge spills, water damage, or construction debris from a remodel, you will benefit from additional deep cleaning at that time.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

The hardest part of deep cleaning your LVP or LVT floor is the rinsing. If you try to deep clean with a mop and a bucket, and you don’t rinse, rinse, rinse, you’ll find yourself moving dirt around with the mop, and that dirt will stick to the floor. 

To get the kind of deep clean you’re looking for, you will have to keep rinsing the mop in clean water, and changing out your cleaning water. This process takes gallons of water at a time. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep rinsing out a dirty mop in clean water, and keep changing the water.

A professional cleaning service has a machine to take care of this process. The machine constantly rinses to get the dirt out from your floor. What a relief to know that you can bring in help to do all that rinsing for you, so you don’t have to. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your floor looks when the dirt is truly gone, with no residue left behind.

Our Process for Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When our team at DrySteam Cleaning & Restoration comes into your home or office to clean your LVP or LVT flooring, we follow the manufacturer-approved cleaning technique. Here is what we do:

  • We move your furniture out of the way.
  • We vacuum your floor.
  • We pre-treat your floor with a specially formulated cleaning agent made especially for luxury vinyl flooring.
  • We agitate either by hand or rotary scrubber, depending on the size of the floor.
  • Then we extract – rinse, rinse, rinse – till all the dirt and water are sucked up into the truck.

We leave you with a beautiful floor. Yes. Your house really can be that clean.

Feel like you’ve waited too long to deep clean your LVP or LVT floor? It’s not too late. Even if dirt and stains have been left sitting, we can get that clean for you. As long as the floor isn’t burned or structurally damaged, we can do corrective cleaning to restore the beauty of your floor.

Time for a Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing? 

If you’re ready for a deep cleaning and sanitizing for your luxury vinyl floor, call DrySteam Cleaning & Restoration right now for a free estimate: (954) 984–5850. We are a family-owned cleaning service in the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach area. Our cleaning solutions are safe, organic, and pet-friendly, and our BBB A+ rated service offers your satisfaction guaranteed. Call today and get the deep-cleaned floors you’ve been hoping for.