Are Cleaning and Disinfecting Services an Essential Business?

Healthy, productive employees. Reduced sick days. Great public reputation. Breakthrough business environment. These are hallmarks of a clean office space. No doubt about it, cleaning and disinfecting your workplace on a regular basis can boost your business. But when you are busy doing the work you do best, it’s not easy to clean below the [...]

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The Truth about Cleaning and Sanitizing

Often the battle against germs seems never-ending. Bacteria and viruses are so tiny, and they seem to be everywhere. But you have a powerful way to defeat these microscopic germs: sanitizing. Sanitizing is a combination of cleaning and disinfecting. By regularly sanitizing your home and office, you will be taking a huge step to destroy [...]

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3 Tips for Better Air Quality through Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning affects your indoor air quality in 3 ways. Carpet is a magnet for pollen, dust, and other pathogens. Everything in the air eventually settles and your carpet grabs every last spec. Vacuuming helps to get rid of a lot of it, but what the vacuum doesn't pick up, professional carpet cleaning will. Between [...]

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April is almost over – Get a professional tile cleaning coupon in Fort Lauderdale

April Specials - Tile Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale All of our coupons and specials, including tile cleaning, are at If you're considering getting your tile cleaned, chances are it's a lot dirtier than you realize. It's like that thing where if you're thirsty then you've already been dehydrated for a while. By [...]

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Spring is in the Air – Carpet Cleaning for Better Living

With March and the advent of Spring right around the corner, the term Spring carpet cleaning is becoming ever more popular in daily talk around the house. Moms galore are hinting at dust in the corners, old ketchup in the fridge, and of course the dirty carpet. After all of the dusting, wiping, and freshening [...]

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5 Tips for a Better Smelling Home

You don't always smell your home because you're used to it. Have you ever walked into someone else's house and thought, "Wow, they need to do something about that smell," well consider your guests might be doing the same thing. Here are a few tips to keeping your home smelling fresh. Clean your Carpet: If [...]

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New Year, New Stains – What to do if you spill something on your carpet

What to do if you spill something on your carpet     If you catch it quick enough, you can actually prevent a stain regardless of what the liquid is; even red wine, grape juice, coffee, etc. As soon as incident occurs, get a dry cloth, a wet cloth and some dish soap. Dab the [...]

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South Florida Winter Yacht Cleaning

A yacht connotes style, flawlessness, and extravagance. Everything about the glimmering details to the elegant interior design must be perfect. With no space for blunder, you can follow these tips from South Florida Winter Yacht Cleaning Company on how to perform maintenance on your yacht and your yacht carpet during the cold season.   Yacht [...]

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