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So you’re looking for an upholstery cleaning because your couch doesn’t look the way it used to. Maybe you’ve noticed a bit of an odor where your dog lays all the time. Just about everyone is going to need furniture cleaning at some point. Microfiber sofas have been popular for a while due to their luxurious feel and ability to stand up to wear and tear.

When you get your couch cleaned you don’t want to have to deal with a wet couch or a pushy salesman. Our truck-mounted upholstery cleaning system is state of the art and our process is clear and transparent. The only effective way to clean your sofa, loveseat, or favorite recliner is with soap and steam. It takes heating water to a level that kills germs and pressurizing it to produce steam. Most of what gets trapped over time in the fabric of your furniture are grease and body oil. This is where the dirty look comes from as well as the odor. It takes the right amount of heat and furniture cleaning solution to cut through the grease.

The Drysteam upholstery cleaning method is the best, here’s why.

We believe everything you do in life should be done to your best ability and it’s that philosophy that we’ve built our business on. With Drysteam you get big company confidence with family-owned service. Every couch, sectional sofa, loveseat, and chair should be cleaned the best way possible. The only way to give a great upholstery cleaning is to take your time, use every tool available, and use the right process. We have perfected our process and guarantee your satisfaction with our furniture cleaning.

We’ve gained a reputation by treating people right and doing the best job we can. We’ve grown by maintaining these family-owned values so you can count on consistency in our customer service.

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Before cleaning, the couch is vacuumed free of any dust and surface dirt. Pretreatment is then applied, which is scrubbed in by hand to agitate grease and loosen up the fabric. Then the furniture is steam cleaned and dried with powerful extraction that lifts any germs and odor-causing bacteria. Furniture takes a few hours to dry with the Drysteam upholstery cleaning method.

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