Regardless of how clean you are, eventually, your carpet is going to get dirty and professional carpet cleaning is the only way to be sure it’s really clean. Store bought products and DIY devices are lacking alternatives to the real deal. Fort Lauderdale knows diversity and humidity; Drysteam knows dirty carpet. Our coupon priced carpet cleaning includes a preconditioning that helps break up the dirt. Our deep, down rinse gets out the stuff you see, and the stuff you don’t. There are billions of microscopic organisms everywhere, some beneficial and some harmful. The Drysteam carpet cleaning method gets up to two hundred degrees. It’s a powerful system.

We’re located in Fort Lauderdale, so we know what it takes to treat the locals right. We grew up here, and we’ve evolved with the community. Our prices, services, and methods are all designed for Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. Carpet cleaning shouldn’t be difficult. It should be easy and effective. There shouldn’t be an aggressive salesman that comes into your house. There should be a friendly, knowledgeable expert that genuinely wants to give you a positive experience. We only hire the utmost honest individuals that are really passionate about doing a good job. We specialize in pet stains, spills, heavy traffic areas both residential and commercial. Our enzyme-based cleaning solution isn’t only safe for your pets and kids, it’s extremely effective in dissolving every sort of blemish imaginable. Carpet cleaning is our life’s work!

Call anytime for a free estimate or demonstration. A free estimate or demonstration, means we’ll gladly come out to your home or business and show you what we’re capable of with no hassle or obligation. Meaning sure, we’ll come out and get rid of that one spot for free; but you might be surprised by the way the rest of the carpet looks after we do just one spot! Check out our current deals and coupons! We specifically design our pricing and services for Fort Lauderdale, so it makes sense for you. When you call a big franchise, they have a system in place that is designed for blanket coverage of a massive area. Drysteam is local, so our system is designed for local coverage. Know that when you’re looking for carpet cleaning, Fort Lauderdale is our home. We clean your carpets like we clean our own carpets.

Call 24/7.