Carpet Cleaning affects your indoor air quality in 3 ways.

  1. Carpet is a magnet for pollen, dust, and other pathogens. Everything in the air eventually settles and your carpet grabs every last spec. Vacuuming helps to get rid of a lot of it, but what the vacuum doesn’t pick up, professional carpet cleaning will. Between the heat and the sanitizing rinse, all of the germs get destroyed.
  2.  Dust is a major factor in air quality. Changing the filter in your air conditioning helps get rid of dust, but a lot of the dust in your home settles onto your carpet and some of it gets too deep in your carpet for your vacuum so professional carpet cleaning is needed.
  3. Germs and microbes don’t get killed by your vacuum, they just get moved around, but getting a professional carpet cleaning will kill the germs and even the low-lying pathogens around your carpet.

Feel better and live better with a regular carpet cleaning every six months to a year for the best results. Always be sure your carpet cleaning company is using a high-quality cleaning agent that both sanitizes and cleans. If your carpet cleaning company can’t be sure that the cleaning agent is anti-bacterial, then find a company that uses the best carpet cleaning equipment and the best cleaning agents.