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It’s time to host a spooky Halloween party. Get your mood and don your ghoulish costume. For the night will be long and the party extremely desirable. Don’t miss out on the fun worrying yourself to death about who’ll clean up the mess on your carpet after the party’s over. Let the Halloween carpet cleaning services worry about that. It’s their responsibility to worry.


Halloween parties are often held indoors, of course due to the drop in temperatures around that time of the year. An indoor party means a lot of mess to clean up after the event is over and done with. However, if you have a cleaning plan for the next day, you can stop worrying. Instead make the most of the Halloween party.  You only have the night for that.


Carpets are indeed never spared during Halloween parties. Your beautiful carpet can be stained by all types of candy – gobstoppers, jolly ranches, lollipops, name them. But not to worry as there are cleaning tips to help get your carpet cleaned up from your little princess or goblin. Many a professional Halloween party carpet cleaning services recommend these handy tips.


To begin with, you will need to have a butter knife or a spoon, stain remover, white cleaning cloth/cloths, and a bucket of cool water (hot water spreads candy dye further deep in the carpet). Once you have these tools, cleaning your carpet will be a breeze. To remove hard candy stains, make sure to dissolve the stains first with water. It simply works wonders.


Here’s what to do next:

Apply cool water around the stained area on the carpet, and allow the water to stay for an hour or so until the stain completely dissolves. After a while, the candy stain will detach itself from the carpet fibers. All you need now is to use a butter knife or spoon to carefully scrap large pieces off the carpet. Repeat the process in each and every candy stain on the carpet.


Once all the candy is out, often an unsightly spot remains on the carpet. Chances are it will be sticky and colored. For better carpet cleaning, use a mild and recommended stain remover when a cleaned spot gets sticky and colored. Next, use a piece of clean cloth to blot the stain and the cleaner/remover you just used on the sticky spot.


Sometimes a stain will prove stubborn. That’s when you use a cloth moistened with vinegar to blot the stained spot on the carpet.  Be gentle when bloating the spot. Lastly, allow the area to completely dry prior to walking on that area of the carpet. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. If you need professional help, hire a Halloween party carpet cleaning service.