Mold Removal or remediation is — simply put — the removal of mold in places of human in-habitation. Trained and certified professionals come into buildings and use chemicals to get rid of potentially harmful mold infestations. Most mold problems can be taken care of by a homeowner or someone who has no professional experience, but sometimes, it is best to hire a certified mold removal company to take care of the problem.


Do You Have Mold?


The obvious signs of mold are visual, but sometimes mold cannot be seen. It can grow under wallpaper and beneath drywall. If you have had a lot of recent moisture in your house that hasn’t dried, there’s a high possibility of mold growth. If you can smell mildew, then you most likely have mold, and if you can see it and if it is a small patch, you can get rid of it yourself. However, it is unsafe to try to figure out where hidden mold is on your own. Calling a mold removal professional is better so that you can be safe rather than sorry.


When to Hire a Professional


Mold is everywhere. It floats in spores in the air, mixed in with house dust, pollen and other things people come into contact with daily. It is essential to break down organic matter in the outdoor world, but no one wants mold indoors. When moisture is too thick indoors, it gives the spores a place to thrive. This can create problems that are too big to handle by yourself. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, if mold has taken over more than ten feet in a certain area in a building, it is time to get a professional to help with the mold removal. They have the tools and expertise necessary to get rid of the problem that normal citizens do not.


What Mold Removal Professionals Do


If the problem has gotten to the point where mold has taken over a large portion of your house, the mold removal experts will have you leave while they do that to keep you safe. They have special equipment that will protect them from inhaling potentially harmful spores. The professionals also have chemicals, which cannot be bought at a store, such as special mold killers. Spraying the mold with bleach would harm it, but it would not kill it. Mold is like bacteria and will grow back, immune to bleach and anything of the same strength.

When you call mold removal professionals at Drysteam Cleaning and Restoration, we will use special chemicals that kill mold for good and make your home livable again. Make sure you choose a reliable company to do the job right.