When it comes to smoke damage restoration, the third principle of deodorization is “to recreate the conditions that caused the contamination with a deodorizing spray or fog.”

The primary purpose for deodorizing equipment is the application, distribution, spraying, or fogging of a deodorizing agent or solution directly to a surface or to the general airspace to “recreate” the conditions of penetration by the odorous gas.
There is a wide variety of deodorizing equipment because the process of deodorization and odor control can be complicated. It is important to consider the importance of combining other methods of deodorization with fogging in deodorization and odor elimination. Relying solely on one deodorization technique, particularly fogging, as the only means of odor control may result in ineffective odor control or incomplete results. Drysteam Cleaning & Restoration uses fogging as well as using an ozone generator & air scrubbers. When combine all three methods of deodorization the process is most effective. For every odor, including smoke, there is a neutralizer.

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