With March and the advent of Spring right around the corner, the term Spring carpet cleaning is becoming ever more popular in daily talk around the house. Moms galore are hinting at dust in the corners, old ketchup in the fridge, and of course the dirty carpet. After all of the dusting, wiping, and freshening up, the debris always ends up on the floor. So you mop your tile and vacuum your carpet, but that’s just not good enough. Professional carpet cleaning is on a whole different level. The heat, the moisture, the carpet cleaning soap – it all amounts to a deeper cleaning than ever possible with DIY methods.

Carpet cleaning from a reputable company is a great way to top off any Spring cleaning. The usual recommendation is to have your carpets cleaned once or twice per year, so whether you do it before a holiday party in December or in March after you’ve gotten rid of old clothes and things you don’t use anymore – it doesn’t matter as long as you’re carpet cleaning regularly.

The benefit of consistent carpet cleaning is that keeps your carpet looking better longer. If you wait years and years to do the job, it won’t come out as good and it’ll be more expensive to get it looking great. We always have carpet cleaning specials to keep prices affordable and our equipment is top of the line. Being a small business has its benefits. All of our customers get treated with unique precision and care. Give us a call anytime and speak to one of the owners.