It is necessary to know and learn the secrets and tips of increasing the lifespan of your carpet. Since carpets are effective at adding pattern, texture and color your home, it is essential that you have to keep them clean. There are certain sites on the internet that can give you the tips on carpet cleaning. However, since we are a specialized carpet cleaning company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we can give you simpler but more effective cleaning tips.


One of the most common problems of cleaning a carpet is the stains. It may be just small and faint stains, but this should be properly dealt with. One reason is because there are certain actions that may cause its fiber to become weak and might, therefore, shorten its usable lifespan. These stains on your carpet should never be rubbed briskly. By doing so, you might think that you have removed the stain from the carpet but usually, it will reappear on the rug. The right way to treat this problem is by using an absorbent cloth as a carpet cleaner. Cover the part where the stain is with the absorbent cloth and put something heavy over the cloth; leave it like that overnight so that the cloth will have enough time to soak the stain up. But if it’s worse than a stain problem like mold or mildew, using non-chlorine bleach or salt solution and lemon juice can be effective and are best for carpet of colored fabrics. Otherwise, use a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. Be sure that you’re brushing it gently.


When carpet cleaning, it is highly advisable you steam clean it. These may be associated with pros as well as cons, but it is safer you clean it this way. It is also best that you clean your carpet at least every six months most advisable that you do this when carpet bugs usually come out especially during summer and spring seasons. And more importantly, steam cleaning can also remove allergens.


It is very important that you keep your carpets clean. It is obviously a way of keeping a healthy environment inside your homes. Their fibers function to catch particles that contaminate the air. But they become less and less effective as dusts cover them. Before this happens, as often as regularly, you should use vacuum to collect the dust covering the fibers of your carpet. This carpet cleaner is the first line of defense of cleaning your carpet.

One of the tips also for a cleaner carpet is to use an entrance mat. It is only wise to place this entrance mat outside the door so that most of the dirt will stick on the mat outside before they can even come inside the house. Though this may not be considered a carpet cleaner, its purpose will help greatly in maintaining cleanliness for a healthier and comfortable home environment.


These are just four of the cleaning tips you can do with your carpet. But for a more professional carpet cleaning, Drysteam Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale can provide for you.