Carpet Cleaning Fort Lauderdale – Chinese Restaurant

Last night we cleaned the carpet in a Fort Lauderdale Chinese restaurant. This is the true test of a carpet cleaner and his equipment. Any restaurant is going to be tough to clean, but Chinese restaurants cook with a lot of grease and oil which in turn ends up on the carpet. Since most restaurants are open seven days a week, it’s important that the carpets are cleaned, and dry, overnight.
We clean carpets 24/7 because we know that’s what it takes. Businesses can’t afford to keep the doors closed for maintenance. The carpet cleaning company should be able to work at night and be sure it dries by the next day when customers will be arriving.
With this particular Chinese Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, we had to clean the carpet twice to remove the multiple layers of grease. The more often carpets are cleaned, the easier they become to clean and the faster they dry. Maintenance is critical in every business, especially in businesses that see customer traffic, and even more critically in restaurants where patrons expect a clean and sanitary environment to eat.
Drysteam Cleaning & Restoration cleans all kinds of carpets, Commercial and Residential. We know what needs to be done, and we do what it takes to achieve the ultimate result. Whether you’re looking for quality Chinese food, or you’re looking for quality carpet cleaning — give us a call!
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