Tile Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Whether tile and grout is in a home, a restaurant, an office or anywhere in Fort Lauderdale – it gets dirty. Mopping will help the tile and grout, but depending on what you mop with you could actually be helping the dirt stick to your tile. Anything with a polish will help the dirt build up on both the tile and grout overtime. The terms tile and grout are often synonymous, and although they share a symbiotic relationship to form the floor you walk on, they couldn’t be more different in composition. Tile is solid and doesn’t absorb moisture, but dirt and grime will build up on the flat surface all the same. Grout is porous and will absorb moisture, so spills will actually stain grout.

Effective Cleaning for Tile and Grout

–        Pre-treatment and acid wash the grout. Due to the nature of the grout, etching the top layer off of the porous grout is the most effective means to achieving the best looking results.

–        High pressure and heat will clean the tile surface most effectively, the acid used on the grout doesn’t etch the actual tile as the material consists of a different makeup and the acid is specifically designed to remove the surface layer of the grout and not the tile.


–        Mop with a neutral floor cleaner. Professional tile cleaning companies mop with a Ph balanced solution when the job is done, and so should you, regardless of whether it’s a home, an office, or anywhere with tile.

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